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Welcome! This is the web site of the

"Experimental Laboratory for Sociology and Economics"(ELSE)

at Utrecht University

ELSE is a computer room (see photo below). It is used for studying social science and economics research questions in an experimental manner. For this purpose, we are looking for people who are interested to participate in our experiments.During an experiment, up to 30 participants at a time can get a place at one of the computers in ELSE. The participants anonymously interact with other participants via the computer and answer a short questionnaire about themselves. On average, participants earn between 8 and 10 EURO per hour, but this amount can vary between studies. The exact amount of money received typically depends on the decisions made by oneself and other participants. The experiments do not involve other tasks than making decisions during anonymous interactions, and answering questions via the computer, unless this is explicitly mentioned in an invitation.

Are you interested in earning money for your decisions and answering our questions, support science and gain some insight into this research field? Then be welcome to participate in our experiments!

In order to participate, you first need to subscribe to the participants database via this web site (click on register in the menu on the left side). Every now and then you will receive a message inviting you for a specific experiment. At that moment you can decide whether you want to participate in a specific experiment (see Rules)

Before you subscribe to the participants database, you need to indicate that you agree with the rules we follow. Please read the information provided on our web site concerning:

- Participation and Rules of Proper Laboratory Behavior
- Researchers' Commitments and Privacy Policy
- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us using the e-mail address below.

ELSE is located at the Uithof in the Sjoerd Groenmangebouw, Padualaan 14 at the 3rd floor in room A3.03.

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For questions please contact experiment@elseutrecht.nl.